Thursday, November 13, 2014

Holiday Open House!!!

Come check it out.....  On display for you to see!
Have 30 min. to spare?
Take in the Holiday spirit - 
  Grab a cookie & have some coffee or tea
I'll help you design that perfect gift!

Avon will also be here for your beauty care and gift needs

10% off EVERYTHING!!!!!!

Want to win the wrap bracelet?
1 entry for every $25.00 you spend

email: for location in Bowie, MD

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Do you believe in Miracles?

Ok, so my Redskins is now being called the Deadskins.  Say what you will but I believe in Miracles.  I believe they will get their stuff together and make it to the superbowl.  Who do you proudly promote as your favorite team and player?  From October 1 - 10th, place an order for a locket and get 2 team color crystals free!  Code word is FOOTBALL and you must contact me to order!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dare to be Natural

     Every now and then I look at my hands in disgust.  You know how it is.  1 nail chips and so starts the chain reaction.  By the end of that 7th day your hiding your hands from embarrassment.  For me, on that 7th day i'm wishing for acrylic nails.  You know those beautiful hands you see in vogue, yeah I wish for them.  Soooo off I go, fake nail time.  OOOOOH, I love them I tell the Nail Tech, I feel whole again..... till 4 days later.  My cuticles chip, my skin starts to peel.... day 7 my hair is snagging on the nail because the acrylic is starting to lift.  1&1/2 months later with frustration and with my acrylic half chipped/chopped off I go to get them removed. 
     Why do I do this to myself every couple of months - each time telling myself never to get them again.  Today, September 7th is the day I dare myself to have natural hands.  Yep, no more acrylic for me.  If I can spend money getting acrylic nails maintained, then why not spend less money, maintaing a manicure with a hand massage for the extra bonus me time!
     This week my locket will represent the love I now have with my natural beautiful fingernails.   WHATS YOUR STORY?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Forever Friends

My family moved the next town over leaving everything familiar - friends and all about 2 years ago. We put our son Marcus in private school thinking it would be better for him.  In those 2 years he's complained the whole time wanting to go to public school.  He's complained about not having any friends, he wants to ride the bus, have lockers etc. etc.  He is now getting his wish and will be going to public school starting next week.  You'd think he'd be happy, right.  WRONG!!!!!!  I asked him what the problem was now and he said quote: no Mom, I wanted to go to school with Jaylon (his best friend).  What am I going to do with this boy?
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